Australia outpaces APAC

Australia outpaces APAC

Australia outpaces APAC on digital marketing

Australian brands invest more in digital marketing than many of their counterparts in the Asia Pacific region, including leading countries in the sector like Singapore.

According to the Adobe/CMO Council study, the Digital Marketing Performance Dashboard 2012, Australian brands invest 25% of their total marketing budget on digital assets, while Chinese and Singaporean trademarks spend 24%. At the same time, this is compared to 20% in India and South Korea.

Most of the digital investment was made in website content development and performance optimisation, followed by SEO and email marketing.

For the current financial year, social media optimisation took precedence (50%), followed by improving paid search and online display ads at 43%.

Australia trumped APAC in the use of digital marketing analytics at 84.5%, closely followed by South Korea, while Singapore is at 75%, India at 63% and Hong Kong at 61.5%. In contrast, China was considerably behind at 31%.

Adobe senior director of marketing in Asia Pacific, Mark Phibbs, said: "The research shows that companies across Asia Pacific understand the value of investing in digital marketing but are struggling with low budgets. Australia has realised the benefits of digital early compare with the rest of the region and has invested accordingly.

"Optimism is high right across the region about the business benefits of digital marketing with 93% of marketers surveyed believing digital marketing could create competitive advantage for their company, while 52% felt digital marketing was crucial in helping create a customer-centric, responsive organisation.

"The data has highlighted significant gaps between countries in their use of digital marketing analytics and reporting technologies. We can expect to see countries with the budget and skills to invest in establishing sophisticated technology platforms surge ahead of countries that are struggling to set up similar infrastructure."

The primary challenge to executive digital campaigns in the region was recognised as budget limitations. At the same time, a lack of the right talent, skills and expertise among team members was the top challenge to building an in-house digital marketing team.

To measure data, Australian marketers used metrics which comprised traffic and traffic sources at 76.5%, click-through-rates at 74% and conversion rates at 64%. Out of the 295 respondents to the survey, 79 were Australian marketers representing companies such as Toyota, 20th Century Fox and Macquarie Private Wealth.