SG HK CN Entrepreneurs

SG HK CN Entrepreneurs

Owning a global business, with a highly lucrative market in regions such as China and Hong Kong exposes you to world diversities and people from all walks of life. In the way of business, some of stakeholders one comes across will prefer some cities more compared to some.

Some of the clients, business gurus and associates expresses more liking for the Far East cities as Hong Kong and Shanghai as compared to extent of consideration for Singapore as an option. These business associates will want to travel, make trips and stop by at their own pleasure in Singapore but not startup businesses or run their business from there.

As different people have different tastes and preferences when it comes to where they would love to base their businesses, some will express their total confidence in cities such as Hong Kong and Shanghai while the latter will hold their total confidence in Singapore.

Discussed below are some of the factors to consider when deciding on the location on their business hub in pacific Asia.

1. Connection to the internet

With the digitalization in the world of business, the speed, accessibility and reliability of an internet connection is paramount. Some business hold their core to the power of the social media, while keeping in touch with staff and other clients from any part of the globe. Internet is important to entrepreneurs as much of research work, sending and receiving emails as well as international calls are all dependent on it. With that into consideration, some cities such as Singapore will offer any entrepreneur with the most efficient internet connection as compared to other cities as Hong Kong and Shanghai.

2. Censorship

When it comes to the rule of the law, different states view different aspects of the social media different from the other. For some states, all search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo amongst others are all accessible for use at any one given time. For some other states, it is a subject of scrutiny and might find out that some of the online sites are inaccessible while in the said states. For this case, there are technological break through that might help you bypass such restriction and access your sites such as using the virtual private network. Such restrictions will give some cities in the pacific Asia more credit such as Singapore than Shanghai and Hong Kong.

3. Coworking

Space gives the best platform for business people to network, connect and share ideas with ease. It is therefore of essence to have buildings that reflect the best designs , are well managed , spacious , giving ample room for social and business oriented Coworking space. This is a very vital consideration for all entrepreneurs across board. Entrepreneurs will consider cities in pacific Asia that offer spaces that give them productive working spaces. The consideration for cities such as Singapore being more ecstatic is because it has better entrepreneurial space as compared to Hong Kong and Shanghai.

4. Government support

Support for entrepreneurial growth is paramount to the growth of any business. The ability and willingness of the government to give entrepreneurs incentives to favor their growth is very important. From one city to another, the policies set out by the government are different. In shanghai for example, most of the high profile entrepreneurs will have an issue with the free trade zones. In Hong Kong, businesses are run in family cartels that are very hard core when it comes to policy making policies that might jeopardize them unfavorably. In Singapore, government support, incentives is overwhelming.

5. Weather

Different cities around Asia pacific experience different weather patterns and seasons. If the type of business is not in any way affected by the type of weather or season present, then there no worries whatsoever. It is only a factor to consider if the productivity of the business will be influenced in any way. Shanghai and Hong Kong experiences such seasons and might affect some of the business associates as well as their business. If so, Singapore, does not experience such and might be more suitable for them