Singapore Facebook

Singapore Facebook

Singapore Facebook Usage Remains Solid

More than two-thirds of Singapore's population will use Facebook by 2013 and average usage levels will increase, according to a study of the social network usage by social media marketing firm Rock Publicity.

In 2012, there were 3,220,500 Facebook users in Singapore (62.2% of the city-state's population), and, according to the projections of the report, this figure will rise to 3,499,490 (67.5%) in 2013.

A significant proportion of Singaporeans (76.9%) of Singaporeans with household Internet access were Facebook users, and they averaged 19.6 hours of active use monthly on the social network this year, while 47.5 hours logged in per month. According to Rock Publicity forecasts, those monthly averages will increase next year to 20.7 hours and 50.1 hours, respectively.

Moreover, the study predicts that Facebook Singaporeans on Facebook will amount 38.1 minutes per session in 2013, compared to the current 37.9 minutes.

As to status updates, the figure will rise from 18.7 (2012) to 20.3 next year. In the meantime, the average number of friends in the social network is predicted to reach 372 next year, which is a considerable leap from the present 319.5.

The report also forecasts an increase in average from 37 "likes" per month (2012) to 39.1 in 2013 in the city-state. As to "shares" per month, Rock Publicity sees the 2012 average of 22.6 leaping to 30.1 next year.

The report also considered the possibilities of technologies and the exposure to marketing strategies anytime, anywhere. Therefore, in terms of accessing Facebook through mobile devices, the report predicts an increase from 64.4% of Facebook users in the country this year to 77.1 in 2013.