Singapore property available at One Shenton

Singapore property available at One Shenton

Lying in a prestigious position at the heart of Singapore, one Shenton has become one of the most desirable housing areas in the city. Located between the existing and the new central business district, it has become an extremely popular property investment due to its proximity to what is scheduled to become Singapore's Marina Bay.

Plans for this waterfront development are already well underway. Envisaged to be a vibrant marina zone, open 24/7, Marina Bay is destined to become the epitome of Singapore as the jewel on the coast of the South China Sea.

The actual housing at One Shenton spares no expense. As you enter each apartment, you are greeted by a friendly and dutiful concierge. Experienced in customer service, this concierge will be your first point of contact for anything you might require in terms of accommodation, or just general information about Singapore. At lobby level you will find superb dining services as well as various retail outlets catering for your every requirement.

At club level you will find recreational facilities that are second to none. One of the most talked about of these is undoubtedly the Sky Gym. There can be few other leisure locations in the world offering such breathtaking views while you tackle the fitness equipment. There are also a number of swimming pools, perfect as part of any exercise regime, or simply to soak in after a long day.

One Shenton offers a number of units, either for sale or for rent. For the latter, the monthly rate varies from apartment to apartment, ranging from as low as $4,300 up to $11,500 for the more luxurious accommodation. At the higher end of that scale the properties are phenomenally well-appointed, with anything up to 208 square metres or more of floor space.

All these condominium-type properties are available for shorter or long-term tenures. Renting is an extremely popular way to live in Singapore, as you can really get to know your property and feel at home, without the financial burden of coping with a large mortgage loan. On the other hand, if you are prepared to buy, the value of these unforgettable properties will make your purchase a very shrewd investment.