Sustainable Mobility Summit June 2021

Sustainable Mobility Summit June 2021

June 1 - 4, 2021, from Paris, Montreal and Singapore, Movin'On Summit brings together all players in sustainable mobility

Movin'On, the world leading co-innovation ecosystem for a sustainable mobility, created by Michelin in 2017 and gathering today more than 300 public and private organizations, is organizing its annual event from June 1 to 4.

The global pandemic has accelerated the evolution of mobility patterns and transformed transport balances, making it even more urgent that we act together towards sustainable mobility. Movin'On Summit's program has been built to meet these changes, so that all players and decision-makers are inspired, connect and act.

Over 4 days, in a phygital format, 3 studios will broadcast from Paris, Montreal and Singapore almost 50 hours of live coverage, allowing participants to connect from all over the world to listen to 80 international speakers and engage in 40 working sessions.

A program addressing the key challenges of the moment and dealing with the deep changes initiated in the past year.

Some of the topics that will be covered in the conferences, panels and working sessions include:

Changes in consumer behaviors related to the pandemic and their impact on the supply chain, up to a sustainable last mile delivery.

Action to fight climate change, an imperative that requires collaboration across transport, energy and infrastructure sectors

Beyond circular economy, the regenerative economy allows for a positive impact via the regeneration of resources.

The need to build urban and peri-urban mobility plans to integrate new mobility solutions to existing transport.

The universal right to safe and inclusive mobility, ensuring access to employment, healthcare and education

Mobility data, key for a customized service, and its ethical and responsible management.

World-class personalities working together over 4 days and beyond: Leaders of international corporate organizations, academics, representatives of cities or countries, civil society represented by the young generation.

Mobility leaders from major cities in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America will take the floor to share the initiatives carried out in their cities and the challenges they face. Among these cities: Gothenburg, Helsinki, Montreal, New York City, Quelimane, Seattle, Singapore, Vancouver.

Concrete initiatives launched during Movin'On Summit, shaping the future of sustainable mobility

The Summit is a launch pad or a milestone for many initiatives led by Movin'On members and partners throughout the year. For all participants, it is an opportunity to join working groups, to chart a roadmap, to put a project into practice or to launch an innovation.

The members of Movin'On ecosystem are working with 12 high-potential startups from Europe, Africa and North America to boost their solutions and accelerate their bringing to market. During the Summit, they will present their innovations during "flash talks" to mobility decision-makers, creating a fertile ground for the identification of partnerships and concrete opportunities.

The theme of this year's global Challenge strongly resonates this year: "Respect: ending isolation and conquering the mobility divide". The Challenge will recognize three innovative mobility projects that can create a real breakthrough in promoting accessible and inclusive mobility solutions thanks to their original design. The three projects will be unveiled as a world premiere at the Movin'On Summit on June 3

Twenty-one young people have been chosen from Asia, Europe and North America for their interest in taking action on mobility. For 24 hours, in the spirit of a real hackathon they will take turns to identify concrete ideas to integrate their generation in sustainable mobility decisions. This challenge follows the survey1 that Movin'On conducted with Kantar, on the younger generation's view on mobility, published in March 2021, in which they clearly expressed their willing to be part of the game.

During the Summit, these working groups, which bring together several ecosystem stakeholders on a chosen topic, will present the progress of their work and launch the next steps. Movin'On is the world's leading co-innovation ecosystem committed to sustainable mobility. It brings together more than 300 public, private, collective, and individual players: corporates, cities, countries, academics, international organizations, civil society. Independent and not for profit, Movin'On provides concrete solutions and innovations. This is done largely through its think-and-do tank Movin'On Lab and Communities of Interest. Every year, the Movin'On community organises physical and digital events to drive projects forward in tangible ways.