Asian Telecom Awards 2023

ViewQwest – a leading regional provider of Managed Security and Connectivity services, has been recognised as the Broadband Telecom Company of the Year - Singapore at the Asian Telecom Awards 2023. The award was won on the strength of ViewQwest's SecureNet service and its success in protecting homes and businesses in Singapore against the growing scourge of cyberthreats. Presented by Asian Telecom Magazine, the Asian Telecom Awards recognises and celebrates Asia's most outstanding telecom companies for their groundbreaking achievements and initiatives, and their ability to navigate their way through market challenges while providing award-winning products and services to customers.

As one of Southeast Asia's most connected nations with 92% internet penetration, Singapore's widespread connectivity and reliance on the internet has also increased exposure to cybercrimes such as phishing, malware and ransomware attacks, through potential entryways such as entertainment, gaming, smart home and connected hardware bundles. Singapore saw a 145% year-on-year increase in 2021, according to statistics from Check Point Research (CPR), and nearly 2 million attacks in Q2 of 2022.

"In light of this threat, ViewQwest became the first telco in Singapore to take the innovative step of providing accessible and effective cyber protection to customers as part of our holistic broadband offering. Having fast internet is no longer enough – robust security is also a necessity today. Our SecureNet service – developed in partnership with global cybersecurity leader Palo Alto Networks, automatically blocks online threats before they threaten homes and businesses across the country. SecureNet is designed to avoid the complexity and costs that often become hurdles to cybersecurity adoption, especially for users that may not have any IT background or tech expertise. By building SecureNet into ViewQwest's broadband service, we enable effective and easy network security without the need for any app or hardware set-up on the customer's side," said Jurist Francisco-Gamban, ViewQwest's Chief Operating and Marketing Officer.

For SecureNet, ViewQwest leverages machine learning technology to conduct full deep packet network traffic inspection that automatically filters out online threats such as malware, botnet attacks and phishing activities. The technology and security platform is constantly updated and upgraded to meet the ever-evolving capabilities of cyberthreats, akin to a digital arms race. ViewQwest has successfully protected thousands of customers, preventing potential financial losses, lost productivity and privacy loss, with SecureNet.

Currently, ViewQwest records a 31% penetration rate for SecureNet among its residential and SME customer base. During Q3 2022 alone, SecureNet blocked nearly 33 million malicious ads and five million malware attacks in Singapore, double the amount of cyberattacks prevented in Q1 2022 (18.6 million).

Expanding from Singapore, ViewQwest will be introducing the SecureNet service to other markets in the region, beginning with Malaysia in the second half of 2023.