Mariusz Waras M-CITY acclaimed art collection

Renowned artist Mariusz Waras, known as M-CITY, has set an unprecedented benchmark by unveiling his globally acclaimed art collection, "DICTADOR M-CITY GOLDEN CITIES," estimated to be worth an astounding one billion dollars. The vibrant city-state of Singapore, famous for its thriving art scene and cosmopolitan allure, serves as the perfect backdrop for the premiere of this worldwide Dictador Art Distilled expedition.

This is not the first time M-City's work can be seen in Singapore. In 2018, he participated in the Art from the Streets exhibition at the ArtScience Museum with Banksy, Faile and D*Face. The "DICTADOR M-CITY GOLDEN CITIES" collection is testament to his mastery, featuring inspiring works that blend urban elements, architectural intricacies, and a touch of golden opulence. Notably, the exhibition includes two paintings created specifically for Singapore, one that was completed live during the opening.

This showcase, born from the longstanding collaboration between M-CITY and Dictador, will captivate art enthusiasts globally, with Paris being the next destination. An exciting highlight is the inclusion of one painting in The Grand Charity Auction, an event hosted by The Omena Art Foundation, adding elements philanthropy and community engagement to the showcase.

Dictador, renowned for challenging conventions, elevates its ambition, offering an exclusive experience for elite art connoisseurs. Participants can create personalized blends of aged rum during a visit to Dictador's Cartagena distillery. Each bottle, adorned by M-CITY with a 24-carat gold depiction of a significant city map, redefines exclusivity. The edition will close at a billion dollars and prices for the first few bottles sold start at US$ 1,500,000.