Innovation Nation

Singapore is a showroom for how Schindler is using innovative technologies at every stage of the escalator and elevator lifecycle.

There are not many developed countries around the world that have buildings taller than their highest natural points, but Singapore is one of them. Sitting at the tip of the Malay Peninsula, very close to the equator, the island nation is known for being hot, humid, and highly urbanized.

Singapore is a model for urban planning and has often been referred to as the "best-planned city" in the world. But as an island there is a finite amount of land which can be built on, so building new projects takes ingenuity and imagination. As a result, buildings are either getting taller or deeper, making vertical mobility increasingly important. Singapore is a stage for innovation.

"People always want the latest technology. Who wants last year’s smartphone?" Asks Anthony Lim Sales Director at Schindler. "That’s why in the elevator and escalator (E&E) business we always have to think five years into the future. Installations don’t happen overnight, but adaptability is built into the way we work so that we can always provide clients with state-of-the-art tech."

Former Managing Director of Schindler Singapore, Qiu Hai, who is now the President of the Escalator Division in China, described Singapore as "a nation of innovation. It’s truly an engineer’s dream. The government is a big supporter of software technology, but also knows that to build an innovation hub takes strong infrastructure. Singapore is a reference point to the world in terms of technology."

The city is also a showroom of our latest technologies that can be seen at every stage of the E&E lifecycle. Whether it is understanding how people will move through a building before it is even built using our in-depth traffic analysis, pioneering new ways of installation or our commitment to energy efficient products, examples can be found all over the city.

Our CleanMobility solutions help to address today’s challenges in a changing world, and our transit management system plays a key role in shaping the sustainability of buildings across the city. All of this is supported with responsive and personalized maintenance, based on real-time data, which adds reliability and transparency to our operations while providing excellent passenger experience.

But there is also a human element to technology. Singapore’s assorted background of cultures means the country not only has a fantastic array of culinary delights but also diverse and dedicated workforce. Michael Li, who took over as Managing Director in 2022, is a big believer in this. "Our key strength is our culture and our people. Our reputation in Singapore wasn’t built by luck, it’s the result of decades of reliability and collaboration with local developers," he explains. "Our aim is to provide value and innovation throughout the entire lifecycle of elevators and escalations. And at the heart of everything we do is sustainability." For more information please visit:

Big Data Analytics and AI July 2023

Top officials from GovTech Singapore, Procter & Gamble, DHL, Mercedes Benz and many others to speak at BYTES. BYTES, a two-day mega scale summit, focused on Big Data Analytics & AI, will shed light on Singapore's market dynamics and requirements, all the while facilitating collaboration between the solution-seeking organizations and the top technology providers from the industry.

Standing at the cusp of numerous digital transitions and technological advancements, Singapore has realized the deep potential of Big Data Analytics (BDA) and AI. The country is witnessing a growing trend among the public & private sector to incorporate these emerging technologies and improve business function.

While these domains are fairly new for a majority of the companies, there is a growing consensus to procure solutions from the best technology providers. Paying heed to the above developments, BYTES, Big Data Analytics & AI Summit is coming to Singapore on 25 - 26 July 2023 at Sands Expo & Convention Center.

To present the latest developments, cutting-edge solutions, use cases, case studies and a lot more from the BDA and AI space, the top officials from Singapore's leading organisations will take the centre stage at the event.

Some of the top names include: Sachin Tonk (Deputy Chief Data Officer, Govtech Singapore); Christelle Young (Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Loreal Pte Ltd); Bryan Tan (Group Chief Scientist, Carro); Vikram Bansal (Director, GBG Marketing Science, Global Agency, Global Client Category and GBG Scaled APAC, Meta Singapore Pte Ltd); Jerry Ping (Vice President, SGX Group); Michael Andrew (Head of Data Analytics, Zuellig Pharma); Siew Kit Lee (Vice President - Technology & IT, Singapore Cruise Centre Pte Ltd); Prerit Mishra (Director, Applied Analytics, DHL); Nitish Ramkumar (Principal Data Scientist, London Stock Exchange Group); Lim Wei Ming (Head of Data Architecture, Group Technology Architecture, OCBC Bank); Milind (Data Science Product Owner and AI Specialist, Mercedes Benz) and many others.

The Chief Data & Analytics Officer for L'Oreal South Asia Pacific Middle East North Africa (SAPMENA), Christelle Young while confirming her participation as a speaker gave an insight on the growth of these industries, "The growth of Big Data and AI is fast, and it will touch nearly every corner of economies and enterprises, especially customer experiences. When things are racing so quickly, only the trained professionals know how to stay in the race. At L'Oreal, all employees in the SAPMENA Zone are being upskilled on data, and we continue to invest in our drive to be the leading beauty tech company."

Singapore's data usage is set to quadruple by 2030 wherein usage of data services by businesses is forecasted to reach SGD 13 billion. It's perhaps the reason why the island country houses the operational base for over 7,000 MNCs. The rampant growth of industries like Big Data Analytics (BDA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have thus become an obvious outcome, which are leveraging the massive volumes of data being generated every day.

To project the numerous developments in the industry some of the key topics from the summit include, "Data Analytics and AI in Government", "Data Virtualization", "DataOps-Centered Engineering", "Analytic Process Automation", "Automating the Data to Insights journey with AI, ML and NLP for Enterprises in the Era of Digital Businesses", "Big Data and AI: Shaping Singapore's Digital Future by Unveiling New Insights & Opportunities", and many more.

Even the Vice President for Technology & IT at Singapore Cruise Centre Pte Ltd, Siew Kit Lee, another key speaker for the event expressed the importance of the platform, he said, "Each of us has a lot of data that we collect, use, and keep for our own purposes. However, in a connected world, we need to be able to share data and information readily amongst eco system partners to allow all of us to be more empowered, proactive, and intimate in providing better services to our customers and higher returns to our stakeholders."

While on one side the summit will facilitate a conference with a precisely curated agenda featuring sessions from industry's topmost thought leaders, on the other side it will feature an exhibition with the latest products and solutions, showcased by the most promising solution providers.

This multidimensional approach is what's luring the top profiles from these industries to take part in the summit as there is room for plentiful networking and collaboration opportunities through various channels.

Organisations like Amplitude, Fivetran, SingleStore, Alation and OpenText Vertica have already capitalized on the opportunity by reserving their speaking slots and prime exhibition spaces to showcase their best to the entire community.

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WIZ.AI Launches Large Language Model for Business

WIZ.AI, a Singapore-based AI-native leader in omnichannel customer engagement, today announced the launch of its first Large Language Model (LLM) that can be tailored for business verticals. This is the latest innovation in WIZ.AI's constant growth as an AI-native company since its founding in 2019. WIZ.AI's solutions automate hundreds of millions of customer interactions daily, serving over 200 businesses across diverse industries such as banking and finance, insurance, FMCG, e-commerce, telecom, and healthcare in more than 15 countries.

WIZ.AI's launch of their groundbreaking domain-specific LLM redefines AI as more than just an efficiency and cost-saving tool, positioning it as a business advisor that bridges the gap between humans and technology. By using a custom, business-focused LLM, companies can unlock a new library of interconnected, AI-powered workflows. This promises to shape the future of work, with AI sitting alongside humans as a co-pilot. By having bespoke LLMs, businesses can fully embrace AI and use it to revolutionize their operations, propelling industries to new heights.

A First-of-its-Kind Enterprise LLM (LLM)

WIZ.AI's LLMs, unlike general-purpose models, are designed for specific business verticals. Tailor-made LLMs excel in automated dialogues, tasks, intelligent assistance, and provide insights from proprietary data. They turn raw, industry-specific data into valuable information, allowing AI to work effectively alongside humans. Bots can identify critical role-related tasks, provide professional assistance, and automate business-specific processes.

Domain-specific LLMs by WIZ.AI provide enterprises with many key benefits that general purpose LLMs do not, namely:

1. Reliability: WIZ.AI LLM offers enterprises a professional and accurate company-specific LLM, quickly updating frequently requested information and proprietary or brand-based information for optimal accuracy and timeliness.

2. Domain Focus: Data that resides within the LLM are customized to specific industries or businesses. By having a bespoke LLM, businesses can quickly deploy AI solutions in multiple diverse scenarios, from internal employee onboarding to addressing customer queries.

3. Data Security: WIZ.AI's unique, in-house LLMs are exclusive to each specific customer, providing enhanced data confidentiality and security. This approach safeguards corporate clients' sensitive information and business secrets, preventing information leakage and security risks.

4. Intelligence and Analytics: Localized, custom LLMs can harness more nuanced insights from unstructured data including test and voice, because it understands your specific business context better. You gain a deeper understanding of customer needs, market dynamics, and potential opportunities for growth.

How WIZ.AI's LLM impacts industries: An FMCG use case

WIZ.AI's LLM can impact industries on several levels beyond the customer engagements it automates. Take the FMCG industry for example, by adopting a more proactive outreach approach for the client, WIZ.AI Talkbots helped upsell more stock-keeping units (SKUs). LLM enhanced accuracy in order-taking conversations while keeping it human-like, which greatly reduced the man-hours spent visiting clients for order-taking.

The order-checking process also benefits from WIZ.AI's LLM, as it automatically reviews client feedback during dialogues and triggers re-confirmation to ensure accurate deliveries. Additionally, the deeper insights gleaned from unstructured dialogue data enable FMCG customers to improve their product and procurement processes. This comprehensive solution not only helps avoid SKU stockouts but also enhances gross merchandise value (GMV).

Empowering AI transformation

WIZ.AI aims to transition businesses from digital transformation to intelligence transformation, focusing on leveraging AI to automate complex tasks, improve decision-making processes, and integrate AI-driven analytics and insights for strategic planning and operational efficiency. By providing solutions in a Model-as-a-Service format, WIZ.AI makes its AI-based products more accessible to businesses of all sizes.

"The future of work is one where AI acts as a co-pilot, working seamlessly alongside humans. With our bespoke LLMs, businesses can fully embrace AI's potential, revolutionizing their processes and propelling industries forward. Our vision is to create a world where customized AI solutions empower businesses to make smarter decisions, automate complex tasks, and drive meaningful insights." shares Jennifer Zhang, CEO and co-founder of WIZ.AI.

This future is within reach, and promises to truly transform Southeast Asia – a breakthrough transformation driven by artificial intelligence.

More about WIZ.AI

WIZ.AI, a Singapore-based global leader in conversational voice AI, revolutionizes B2C communication with its cutting-edge, hyper-personalized, omnichannel customer engagement solutions. Driven by a talented local tech team, WIZ.AI's intelligent platform facilitates over a hundred million automated customer interactions hourly, enabling exceptional customer service and strong business ROI. With a growing international presence, the company caters to over 200 clients from a wide range of industries, across 15 nations, with Fortune 500 companies and unicorn start-ups accounting for 60% of its clientele.

Circles Wins two 2023 Asian Telecom Awards

Circles, the leading global digital telco and consumer company, won two prestigious awards from the Asian Telecom Awards 2023. The award recognises the remarkable achievements and initiatives of Asia's leading telco companies.

The Travel Product of the Year was awarded to Circles' digital telco, Circles Life Singapore's travel lifestyle app, Jetpac. Launched in 2022 to provide greater convenience and experience to post-COVID travellers, Jetpac promises travel freedom for all with its fuss-free e-sim activation, unbeatable global roaming rates and travel perks. Within 4 months of launch, Jetpac achieved more than 10x growth in sign-ups, of which, more than 50% were new customers.

The second award, Marketing & Brand Initiative of the Year, was awarded to Circles Life Australia for its 'Big Freeze' campaign. When several leading national telco operators raised their mobile plan prices, Circles Life did the 'untelco' thing and froze their prices for 18 months to help the everyday Australians adapt to the rising cost of living without compromising on their digital experiences. Through the campaign, Circles Life saw a 28% increase in sales, including a significant spike in new customers from the leading telcos.

Abhishek Gupta, co-founder of Circles said, "We are honoured to receive two accolades from the Asian Telecom Awards 2023. This recognition is a strong testament that we are delivering the digital telco experiences that people want and need. It also reflects our agility in rapidly bringing innovative services that deliver greater convenience and value to our customers."

"We are pleased to confer Circles' digital telco two Asian Telecom Awards. Circles' innovative and customer-centric marketing approach has truly set them apart from the competition, and it's no surprise they've earned the Marketing & Brand Initiative of the Year and the Travel Product of the Year awards. We can't wait to see what they come up with next," says Tim Charlton, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Asian Telecom Magazine.